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I just wanted to write you a note to tell you that Max is one of the best Airedale I've ever owned!  We've gotten dogs from other breeders and there is no doubt in my mind he was brought up in a loving family home.  He is happy, well behaved and a very social puppy.  I couldn't of asked for a nicer pup.  Thank you sooooo much!
From our first phone call, it was clear to see that April's primary interest was the health and happiness of her puppies.  She helped us learn the ropes of raising an Airedale from basic feeding through training advice.  It has been a pleasure doing business with someone who cares so much about the dogs and about us.  I highly recommend April and Far View Farm!

-Daniel and Alex
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Abby all grown up!
Shelby living in
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Shelby is doing great; we can’t imagine life without her. She is well behaved still like’s daily walks, going for rides and playing. Shelby has had the run of the house when we are at work for over a year now without a problem. We saw the photos of the latest litter on the website; they are adorable and have some great names.
Thanks for keeping in touch.
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Hi April,
I am writing to let you know how Wolfie is doing. He is full of a lot of energy, but it comes with the territory of a new puppy! LOL! He is so smart! We having him walking on a leash fairly nicely, sitting, staying, and giving paw :-)
He saw Dr. Bandlow our vet on Tuesday night and she could not say enough good things about him. Dr. Bandlow loved his bone structure, his temperament, and just overall how well behaved he was. She thinks he is a very handsome boy to! I mentioned to Dr. Bandlow on how much time you invest in socializing your pups and she said it definitely shows. Wolfie also has hit 21 1/2 pounds to!
Well Wolfie has adjusted very well into our home and just wanted to give you an update. We will be starting puppy obedience class in a few weeks. I will write again soon and hopefully with a better picture. Talk to you soon and hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Warm regards,
Ochoa family

Hi April!

We are truly enjoying our new puppy, Tucker!  He seems happy, healthy, and full of life!  He brings such a joy to our children - they cannot get enough of him.  Rob was so happy to have come home to this little guy. It was such an incredible surprise.  Thank you so much, April!  He is a beautiful puppy!!


The puppy did very well all the way home. He's great! I like that he even knows the word "no" and does pretty darn well on that leash! Moses is cracking me up. He and I play around Shawn's living room where there are two tables he loves to squeeze under to get away!  It's hilarious!
Moses is settling in. He's getting more used to his kennel, and is getting braver about checking out the rooms in Shawn's house. And he's doing better with potty training (I think he just pees outside to get a milkbone, but it works for me!) 

The puppy is just plain adorable

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Wolfgang Ochoa
9 months old
The sweetest!  She loves to snuggle.  Aidan torments the life out of her and the poor little innocent girl just assumes it's all play.  She loves every minute of it!  Also, sometimes when Aidan pretends he's a dog he puts his face right down in her bowl while she eats.  She just moves over and makes room for him.  I have to admit I was terrified the first time I saw him do this because of past experiences I have had with dogs.

Gabriel is absolutely wonderful.  He is the joy of our hearts! 

He is over 60 lbs now and still growing fast!   The vet said when he was a pup by the size of his paws that he would be about 90 lbs. He is a very smart guy.  I taught him to sit the first week we had him home.  He learns very, very fast.

He is your typical prankster - you know he is up to something when you see him take off - he usually has something that he is not supposed to have and wants us to chase him for it.  We have bird feeders on our deck and he loves to watch the birds and squirels - when I let him out he sneaks up on them like he is hunting then all of a sudden he runs and everything goes running.  He loves it when our neighbors dog Bailey comes to visit him - he is really good with other dogs.  He also loves babies and little children.  We do not have any however when he hears them on T.V. he runs from wherever he is to sit and watch them cocking his head the entire time.  I work from home so whatever room I am in, Gabe is usually at my feet.  He doesn't like car rides too much, he is all excited to get in the car to go for a ride but when the car starts moving he just cries.  I try to take him for a ride often and he is getting a little better with it.  He is the best alarm clock we ever had - when the sun comes up so does Gabe, he comes in our room and ever so gently puts his two front paws on the bed and gives little good morning kisses, he also goes to sleep as soon as the sun sets.  He is a fantastic watch dog - he knows that this is his house and if anything or anyone is around he lets us know.

Gabe was neutered at 6 months - he went through it like a trooper - you would have never known that he just had it done, didn't bother his stitches at all.  He is very head strong, when I took him for his first grooming I wasn't sure that he would do very well, first bath and all however when I picked him up he was georgous and the groomer said he was a doll.  Sat very nicely for them and did not give them any trouble.

Gabriel, Seamus, Baby Jake McGinty (his registered name) has been a delightful addition to our family!
Thank you for him!
Terry and JoEllyn McGinty