Farm Goods
On our farm we raise Llamas and sheep.  We have quality wool for sale.   Each animal's wool is processed separately.   Please call or email to inquire on colors and prices.

We have Wyandotte Heritage Chickens here at Far View Farm.   These chickens are native to Wisconsin.   We take pride in raising the birds and collecting the eggs for sale.  Our chickens are raised in open housing and fed all natural feeds.  Of course we allow them free range during the warmer months of the year.   Eggs are available at all times at $3.00 per dozen.  I also make a variety of  "Chicken Feather Bows" for unique gift decorating.

On Far View Farm we raise and sell lamb meat.  The meat comes from our Shetland lambs.  They are fed natural feed and are free range in the warmer months.  We sell by 1/2 or whole.   A half runs 12-15lbs and a whole runs 22-30lbs.   The meat sells for $7.00 per pound.

We also sell "Llama Gold" which is an all natural  fertilizer.   It can be used for vegetable gardens and a variety of flowers, plants and trees.   Please call or email for prices.

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