About Us
We own a small farm in  rural Kewaunee, WI which overlooks the lake, river, and town.  All our animals keep us very busy.  Along with our dogs, we also have llamas, sheep, a pony,  pigs, cats, rabbits, ducks  peacocks, guinea hens, and heritage chickens.  We sell wool, meat, and eggs.  Please check out our "Farm Goods."

We have been involved in the Airedale breed for 22 years now.  This breed is friendly, loyal, and great with children.   Our puppies are proof  of the dedication we put into our animals.   They are raised around both children and our animals.  Both our dogs and puppies are fed an all natural diet.  Someone also keeps watch over the pups day and night for their first 4 weeks of life.  The extra time we give these pups gives them a great start in life.

My name is April.  You may contact me by phone or email.
I can give you information on upcoming puppies or if you'd like to be put on our waiting list.

Phone:  (920) 388-4214
Email: adahllee@gmail.com or

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